Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

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Thank you so much for wanting to put my design on your body permanently! Please read the terms of service below if you would like to get a tattoo of my design. 

**By purchasing a tattoo ticket, you agree to the ToS**

Terms of Service:


- A tattoo ticket is good for ONE existing design. One ticket per design.

- Please let me know which design you'd like to purchase via notes, email, etsy, or instagram DM's. 

- Once purchased, I will email you a written consent with my signature saying that you have permission to get one design of mine tattooed!

- The design can be screenshotted by your tattoo artist or I can send you a watermarked PNG file of the design


- Please post a picture/tag/credit me of the tattoo!! :)

- ALL tattoo ticket sales are FINAL!


- As the artist, I retain the rights to the design. This purchase does not transfer the rights to anyone else.

- Please refrain from altering my design. Additions to the design may be acceptable upon discussion with the client.

- When posting any photos of my design, please tag me!