Animal Crossing Sobble Enamel Pin

Animal Crossing Sobble Enamel Pin

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Animal Crossing inspired Sobble enamel pin!

- Hard Enamel
- Gold Plating
- 2 rubber back clutches
- Comes with a backing card

Pin grades:

A-grade: These pins are nearly "flawless", but can include some tarnishing on the metal and/or small scratches on the metal, or a small indent in the enamel.

B-grade: Pins with one or more noticeable (but minor) imperfections. These include noticeable scratches/scuffs on the metal, small black marks or dust in the enamel, small bubbles in the enamel, small indents in the enamel, and small areas of chipped/dented metal.

**Please note that the colors that appear on your screen may not appear the same as the actual product photo**